1. pointfocus:

    Archangel Valley.

  2. outofreception:

    Snatching Blue Berries 

  3. longboardsandsoftails:

    A purple special. The colors change so quickly around dawn, that your shot can look significantly different within minutes… Photo: Deon Lategan

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  4. patagonia:

    Gerry Lopez shapes his boards where he hope they’ll feel at home, in the green room. 

    Submitted by Mark McInnis

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  9. specialopz:

    Michelle scoping Shelter Cove from Kings Peak #lostcoast #bedrocksandals #takethetrail

  10. patagonia:

    Although no old lady whispering hush (and nowhere near a great green room), this image reminds me of the children’s book Goodnight Moon :) Thanks to the folks who joined this season. I have a feeling this place is gonna stay wild far past our lifetime. Lincoln Lake, Mt. Evans, CO

    Submitted by Wes Walker

    Instagram @smilingweswalker

  11. parkstepp:

    “Each person is a great mystery, to himself and to others. We see the ever-changing play of light and shadow upon the superficial aspects of ourselves, but of the endless depths that lie beneath we are for the most part ignorant or unconscious. At any time, however, currents flowing from these depths may sweep us unexpectedly into thoughts, actions, or even lifestyles we would now find inconceivable. We may then rise to heights of achievement or fall far below what we would have believed possible in others. Yet how easy it is to pass judgment based on what people manifest of themselves outwardly at any given time, as if this could approach the totality of who they really are.”

    —Sarah Belle Dougherty

    Photograph by Hengki Koentjoro

    Luke Storms

  12. outofreception:

    Howling at the moon

  13. gangrelated:


  14. patagonia:

    Hanging Rock State park in NC.

    Submitted by Nathan Farber

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  15. "Water is the softest thing, yet it can penetrate mountains and earth. This shows clearly the principle of softness overcoming hardness."

    Lao Tzu 

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